Exotic, Cat and Dog Boarding in Sunrise, FL

At Welleby Veterinary Hospital in Sunrise, we are happy to take care of your feathered or four-legged family member while you’re away. We offer pet boarding space for just about any species at our animal hospital.

dog boarding sunrise, fl

Our animal care attendants are dedicated to our goal of making your pet feel comfortable while their individual needs are met during their stay. Whether you’re planning a 2-week vacation or need someone to babysit for a couple of hours, rest assured that they will get the care and attention they need. Plan in advance by calling us at (954) 748-2002.

Requirements for Boarding Dogs and Cats

Boarding Services are only available to our existing clients. All pets need to be up to date on the required vaccinations and fecal exam. We also will perform an examination on your pet in order to maintain a healthy environment for all of the animals staying with us.

Medical Boarding

All dogs and cats boarding at our animal hospital will have the benefit of a veterinarian being on the premises if any issue may arise. Pets that are currently being managed with chronic conditions require extra care and observation. Our technicians and animal care attendants are trained to be aware of the health of the pet and administer special medications and/or treatments if needed. Some of the most common conditions that require medical boarding include diabetes, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, feline lower urinary tract disease, and allergies.

dog boarding sunrise, fl

Exotic, Cat and Dog Boarding Activities and Amenities

Pets need exercise and attention regardless of where they’re staying, and we make sure to meet those needs. We are even able to provide extra walks and playtime for your pet, if desired. We have quiet rooms for nervous or less social pets, and have separate dog, cat and exotic species boarding rooms.

Book Your Pet’s Boarding Stay with Us

We want your pet to be as comfortable and well-cared-for as possible while they’re staying with us. If you’re interested in scheduling your pet to board or have questions about our policies, call us at (954) 748-2002. We’re happy to address any questions you may have.