The Best Cat or Dog Diet for Your Pet in Sunrise

There are currently many cat and dog diets available for pets and deciding which one is best can sometimes feel overwhelming. As part of your pet’s healthcare team, we are here to guide you on pet nutrition and which diets are balanced and complete at any stage of life.

All animals have basic nutritional needs that must be met to help them live long, healthy lives. Every animal requires certain essential nutrients in their diets. Inadequate or excessive amounts of these nutrients can cause health problems, so it’s important to make sure that your cat or dog’s diet contains nutrients in the appropriate amounts for your animal’s species, breed, and life stage. The easiest way to do this is to feed a commercial diet made by a reputable manufacturer with an AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) feeding trial statement.  The AAFCO statement is generally found at the bottom of the nutrition label. It indicates the food is complete and balanced for a particular life stage like puppy/kitten formulas, adult/maintenance formulas and senior formulas. Please see this handout from the Global Nutrition Committee to further explain how your pet foods are formulated and labeled: Recommendations on Selecting Pet Foods

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kittens eating their food together

Maintaining an Exotic Pet’s Diet

Exotic pets and maintaining a proper diet can be even more challenging, and is crucial to their overall health. Certain species can be maintained on pelleted diets alone, while others require supplemental foods. Please use this trusted resource for multiple species and their dietary needs: Exotic Species Nutrition Center

Ask Us for Help with Your Pet’s Diet

We encourage pet owners to bring any diet and nutrition questions to wellness plan visits with your pet. Our veterinarian has completed extensive medical training which includes pet nutrition; and keep up to date on the current research through continuing education. Our goal is to ensure our patients receive the best healthcare, which includes their diet. Give us a call to get started at (954) 748-2002.